Who we are and how we differ?

We are big fans of escape games who decided to create one to theirs own vision.  How do we differ?

One of our main priority is to deliver you a complex experience.

We made a great effort to create an authentic setting which will make your experience even more real. The tasks and puzzles are fitted in the setting so it will not distrub your exprerience.

We allow all teams to finish the game.

Every team has its own dynamics and we want to allow every team the possibility to finish our game. Every team has 120 minutes to finish the game. The time limit itself is longer than it needs to be, so even slower teams has the chance to finish the game. 

One of our first motivation was to create a game without any padlocks

We accepted the challenge to create a game without any padlocks, so you can look forward to various different tasks and opening mechanisms.